Arkiton – Alpha 1.0 Released

Arkiton is the evolution of “Spaceship Arcronus” and as it,
it’s inspired by Retro-Gaming (arcade).

Differently from “S.A.” on Arkiton you can move with WASD or the arrow keys.
The aim is always the same, to achieve the best score surviving as much as possible.

Soon we’ll implement more features,:
progressive difficulty and speed by score;
more game elements (graphical and not!);
and a BIG surprise!!!
The alpha version 1.0 of Arkiton is avaiable for the download.

Arkiton - Alpha 1.0


Minimum Recommended Requirements:                                                                                  

OS: Windows (32bit or 64bit);
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (1.30 GHz) or higher;
Memory: 512 MB RAM;
Hard Drive: 50 MB of free disk space;


Arkiton's Menu


In-Game Screen
In-Game Screen


GameOver Screen
GameOver Screen


Credits Page
Credits Page



Arkiton – Arcronus Edge (Symphonic Short Edit)

Arkiton – Arcronus Edge


06.12.14 (A0.8):
– Added the spaceship’s movement with the help of the “arrow keys” or key “WASD”, allowing Horizontal and Vertical shifts;
– Primary Background (Space Station) and Secondary Background (Star) finished;
– Created a draft version of the Options scripts.
– Credits modified;
– Sprite of the ship’s flame;
– Added the P.A. Logo;

07.12.14 (A0.9):
– Credits modified;
– Added Ship_PA;
– Added the Hangar (start);
– Modified the Gameplay;
– New name;

08.12.14 (A1.0);
– Modified Animation;
– Options completed;
– Credits modified;
– Gameplay Optimization;
– New sounds;


  1. Molto carino!
    La navetta slitta un po’, ma è pur sempre un’alpha 🙂


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